Tuam RFC

Founded 1970

Co. Galway

Club History


(The following is a very detailed account of the history of Tuam Rugby Club conducted by Tuam stalwart, Seàn Carter)

Tuam RFC – 1925 – 2015

We did know The roots of rugby in the town of Tuam go back to the mid 1920’s ,with Tuam first fielding a rugby team in 1925.

We can confirm this definitively, from a two line notice in the Connacht Tribune of 1925 ( See below ) which states “ Tuam rugby team were defeated at Ballinasloe at rugby on Sunday last. Next Sunday Gort will meet Ballinasloe “ and we can see, again, in The tribune , of October 9th 1926 that “ Tuam Rugby Club reports a successful season last year, when the club started. The first practice match of this season was played last Sunday, when many new members took part “ -


 We also have reports of games in 1928 and 1929 against Westport, Gort, Ballinasloe, Athenry, Galwegians, Corinthians and Ballinrobe, The players names that we came across from this period are Glynn, Mc Garry, Murphy, O’Reilly, O’Sullivan, Fox, O’Connor, Hehir, O’Riordan, O’Brien, Walton, Stewart, B.P.Canavan, Petit, Jim Walsh, C,Canavan, Gerard Jennings, J.Kilgarriff, J.Clune, J.Canavan, Lynch, Reddin, T.Malynn, J.O’Connell and Mc Guire. 

Officers elected at an AGM from 1928 / 29 were Henry Concannon, P.M.Hosty, George Reynolds, M.O’Brien, T.J.Purdue, D.J.Murphy, R.Kilgarriff, P.Carroll, J.J.Quinn, R.J.Burke and W.Glynn.

Much of the other information we have on the club, during this era was researched initially, by Jim Carney in the late 70’s and we would all like to thank Jim for all his work at that time.


Jim wrote, in the article at the time:

“ Rugby made its mark in Tuam thanks chiefly to the initiative and enthusiasm of a young man named Jim Brooks who played the game in Castleknock College, a famed Leinster nursery, but who spent his holidays in Tuam where his father worked for a period as manager of the local branch of the National bank.


Young Brooks, an accomplished forward, gathered around him a group of similarly enthusiastic lads, including a fellow student, Frank Maher, another brilliant player and an athlete of considerable ability, being national champion in the 100 yards at the time. Frank, of course, was one of the most respected and popular solicitors in the Tuam area and a friend and supporter of Tuam Rugby right up to the end of his life. 


The same description rightly fits another Tuam solicitor Harry Quinn who also played a prominent part in the formative days of the club. Jim Dempsey, then a student, is another well known, Tuam man who contributed to the club in the early years. So too did, the Tuam historian, D.J. Murphy, a very strong player, as with the late Richard Kilgarriff of Mayfield, father of Paddy.


James P.Glynn and Jimmy Cummins, both to become prominent in the life and development of the town were also fine players in their time and all in all, these people created a splendid platform, on which the club was able to build.


But Tuam also had a schoolboy side and its captain, J.P ( Bertie ) Canavan and others were to provide a link with the reawakening of interest and activity in the early/mid thirties’.

 Bert recalled many stories about the early years of rugby in Tuam in what, Jim Carney, described as a “ FASCINATING INTERVIEW “ Jim conducted with him at his home in Birmingham in the late 1970’s.

We do know that in this interview, Bert was insistent on his own rugby accomplishments being played down, as it were, it must still be noted that he won Senior and Junior Leinster schools cup medals with Blackrock College, where he played alongside his great friend and subsequently, the Irish senior international player and laterally, an Irish selector, Larry Mc Mahon. 


The social side of rugby is very important to all clubs and as we can see, it obviously also was for Tuam in these early years, when the club started.


On 6th January 1929, the Tuam Herald reported.

“ The annual dance of Tuam rugby club was held in the Town Hall on new years’ eve night. There was a large attendance, the majority being from the surrounding districts and everyone has agreed that the rugby club has upheld their tradition of holding very enjoyable dances. Mr.R. M.Burke, as M.C. made things very lively when he introduced his latest invention, The Mistletoe dance.

The music supplied by Sweeney’s orchestra was excellent. This was the first time that this band has performed in Tuam and they can rest assured that it will not be the last.


Supper arrangements were most ably carried out by the Tuam Ladies hockey club. “

I also noted that after a “Tuam V Athenry “ game played in the same year, there was a “ Cinderella Dance “ arranged in the town hall for that evening.

The club lasted five years and its sudden demise coincided, significantly, with the transfer of the Brooks family away from the town.

Efforts were made by the club at the time to play their games in Parkmore, but we can see from the minutes of the Tuam town commissioners’ of October 22nd, 1927, reported in The Herald, playing there met with strong opposition.

” Mr. Cooney informed the members that a public meeting was being held in the reading room of the town Hall that evening in connection with the prospect of the Tuam Rugby club playing and practicing on the Parkmore grounds, where public games have always been played. According to the rules, he said, Rugby and Gaelic CONNOT be played in the one field and it was up to the people of Tuam and the shareholders of the Racecourse to decide which game they were to have played there. They did not want to stop any man from playing any game they liked, but when the GAA rules laid it down decisively that their games cannot be played in a field where foreign games are played, he thought it was a matter of supporting the GAA. Mr. Walsh – “ Do you not play Gaelic and rugby in the same field in Galway city “ ? Mr.Cooney – “The result is that they do not get any of the big GAA matches”.    

Mr.Cahill – “all we can do is to protest. “

The members then proceeded to the meeting room, where a public meeting was held and the proceedings are reported under another heading.

The club was obviously unsuccessful in its efforts to play games in Parkmore, as we are aware that most of the games in the 1920’s were played in the famed Campbell’s field at Vicorschoroland near Tuam Stadium, but when activities resumed around 1933 the venue changed to Mayfield, thanks to the generosity of Dick Kilgarriffe at the time, and as I mentioned earlier, Dick was Paddy’s father.

Other names who played prominent roles in the life of the club in the 1930’s were the four Carroll brothers from a family that lived at the time in Ballygaddy Road, Manny O’Sullivan, a magnificent player, who lived laterally in Barnaderg and who was once picked the play for the Connacht Senior team, but was refused permission to take time off from his work at the Sugar factory. Prominent also was Jack Quinn, of the Rustic Vaults pub in the town and father of a very well known, Galwagian’s player of the 1980’s, Billy Quinn. Sadly, Billy passed away very recently.

Jim Walsh, Paddy Canavan, Paddy Caulfield, Billy Glynn, D.O’Brien, Tom Egan, Matt Waldron and Claremorris man, Malachy Forde, Anto Brett, P.J.Keane, J.Mc Elgunn, J.A.Eaton, Gus Stockwell, P.Farrell, F.Burke, J.J.Kilgarriffe, Michael Barrows, , R.Cheevers , R.Gilmore, Parsons, Cole, M.Browne and a brilliant out half called Willoughby, all played for Tuam in this era. It seems that Mr. Willoughby did not like playing on Sundays as it was against his religion.

There were also two half backs , Ashton and Aylward, Bill and Tom Malynn, Paddy Howley from Dunmore Hubie Glynn, a great GAA man from Caherlistrane, Ted Canavan, Paddy Farrell, Jim O’Flaherty and Jim Mullen are all names from this period. You can see many of these names in this team who played in December 1929. 

Tom Malynn , father of Philip, who was president of the club in its milestone year 1982, when the club opened its new grounds on The Dublin Road, will always be remembered in the club, as his butcher shop on Shop street was the unofficial club house of the club for many years , as it was for all the years when Philip subsequently carried on his business there.

In the 1930’s the players used to tog out at their homes and cycle out to the ground at Mayfield. Later that evening they would meet in Guy’s Hotel, subsequently The Imperial and now the Corralea, for a meal and needless, to say, a few drinks. Although Tuam did not win any major trophy during these years, it was obviously very happy time within the club.

We actually discovered a photo of a Tuam team from 1938 and the caption read “ Tuam Rugby club, who were defeated in the final of the Connacht Junior league last Sunday. Unfortunately, we don’t have the names for this photograph and as you can see, the quality is just not good.


However, the spectre of the second world war hung over the Western World and slowly times changed and as the 30’s gave way to the 40’s the game of rugby began to grind to a halt, in the early 40’s.

Speaking of the war - A “ Sports Review “ from The Herald in 1939 read as follows:


“Sport seems to have come to a complete standstill in Tuam, at the present time – the influence of the blackout seems to affect everything and this review must consist of a good deal of “ WHY’s “ Gaelic games are not very much in the news now , but, of course Winter is more or less close season for the GAA .Boxing and rugby , are however, in their element, but not to a very noticeable degree in Tuam,. The rugby club has been re started for some time now and the enthusiasts turn out for practice despite the weather, but so far we have not heard of any engagement with other clubs. It is a game that has not any great appeal in this district, in fact, it is anathema to a great many people. Nevertheless, this review would not be quite fair without some reference to it, as this column is intended to be free from all prejudice”.

At the AGM of the club in 1942, the following officers were elected: ( See below )


President: J.J.O’Donnell

Vice Presidents: J.Blake, H.St,J.Blake Solicitor, R.Kilgarriff. L.P.S.I.

Treasurer: T.Joyce.

Ass. Treasurer: J.O’Flaherty

Secretary: J.A.O’Connell, solicitor

Captain: T.D.O’Sullivan.

Vice Capt: J.Quinn

Committee: G.O’Callaghan, J.Griffiths, T.Malynn, J.Walsh.

Just to add in a few more names from that time. The officers elected following the AGM of 1941 were published in The Herald in August of that year.

President: Mr.W.J.V.Comerford – solicitor

Vice Presidents – Mr.J.Burke, Mr.H.St.J.Blake – solicitor

 & Mr.R.Kilgarriff.

Hon.Treasurer: Mr.J.O’Mahony

Hon.Sec. & Representative to The Connacht Branch IRFU – Mr.J.A.O’Connell Solicitor. ---- (Daughter is Andrea Ridge ).

Captain – Mr.P.Farrell.

Vice Captain – Mr. T.D.O’Sullivan.

Committee: T.Malynn, J.Cummins, B.Canavan, G.O’Callaghan, 

 “The club expressed its thanks to the committee of the Knights Of Malta Ambulance for their attendance at matches during the season and it was decided to open the new season with a charity match in aid of the organisation”.

We do know an AGM was held in 1942, after which we understand activities ground to a halt in early 1943.


A report, in 1952, on a game played in Tuam against Roscommon starts by saying “ In the first rugby game played in Tuam in over nine years “ confirms that there was no rugby activity in Tuam over this period

A brief revival took place in the early fifties.


 I have to publically apologise to Paddy Kilgarriff, who for a period of about 10 years, every time we met, asked me to call to his shop to see a photo he had of a Tuam Rugby team and Paddy, thank you for all your help with the early 1950’s era. I think you will all agree, it is a great photo for one that is over 60 years old. 

In the front, left to right are John Leslie and Gay Heskin.

Middle row – Tom Flynn,( Lackagh ) Rynall Coen, ( Gort ) Paddy Kilgarriff, Gerry Lyons, Billy Leahy and Christy O’Gara. 

Back Row: Joe Heskin, Paddy Mc Carthy, Roderick Mc Guire, John Ronayne, Johnny Joyce, Ray O’Brien, Stephen Joyce, Bill Forde.

Other names who played in the early 50’s are S.Dolan, D.Mc Stay, J.Walsh, R.Cahill, G.S.Syme, B.Gillard, J.Cahill, P.Costello, M.J.Mason, B.Treacy, W.Lee, J.Hughes, M.Power, P.Walsh, P.Tyan, P.Woods, R.Murphy, Tom. Clampitt, P.Coady, J.Holland, S.Mc Evoy, P.Fitzgerald and K.Murphy. We came across many names who featured in the Late 30’s / early 40’s and again in the early 50’s, but we only mentioned them once in these lists of names.


I note though, that at a meeting of the county board held on 12th January 1952 in Royal Hotel, Galway, Rev. M.Walsh, C.C. Portumna, stated that the vigilance committee had reported that the players had played rugby in Tuam on November 4th. The five had been notified to attend the meeting but as they had not, he had no option but to suspend them, according to the rule. The players are: Vincent Ryan, James Walsh, John Dolan, Stephen Joyce and Kieran Douglas. 

In the Connacht Tribune of April 10th 1954 I note a heading: “ RUGBYITES Return “ Former Tuam rugby players Kieran Douglas, Robert Treacy, William Forde, and William Leahy applied for reinstatement in The GAA at a meeting of the Galway County Board. The application was referred to the Central Council. So playing rugby was obviously at a price to many Tuam sports people at the time. ( 8 players suspended )

Also in 1953, a report said “ Tuam has always had a small band of rugby enthusiasts and though they were forced to “ import “ players to field a fifteen, they managed to keep the ball rolling. Joe Heskin, Joe Cahill, Bill Forde and Stephen Joyce were the mainstay of the club- the latter two lining out in the “ no Hands “ code as well. “

On November 11th 1952, a small notice was published in the Herald which read as follows: 


A joint general meeting of the above will be held in Canavans Hotel on Friday November 14th at 9.00 PM. All members and supporters of both clubs are asked to attend.

Signed: J.Heskin P.O’Connor.

I just wonder what that was all about ? , but rugby ceased in 51/52, for whatever reason

The Next Revival.

There was no particular motive for the revival of Tuam Rugby Club around 1970, but some local players had already made a considerable impact with Galway City clubs and there was a quiet, generally unspoken feeling that the town could well field its own side.

We have had many internal debates in the club as to whether it was 1968 / 1969 / 1970 that the playing of rugby actually re started. We now know, rugby commenced again in 1968 / 1969 season. 




  ( 2nd article was from Herald April 18th 1969 ) but Tuam did not play in an official Connacht competition until 1970, so we now all accept 1970 as the official revival year, playing in the junior B league in 1970, but not in the Junior Cup until 1971.

Tuam men, who already made their mark in Galway rugby circles, included Billy Glynn, Gay Heskin and Murt Mc Cormack.

 Billy Glynn, a member of a very well known, local legal family, was a very fast and accomplished winger who played in a final trial, to be selected for the Irish team and was considered by many to have been very unlucky not to have gained that coveted “ Irish Cap “ Gay Heskin, another product of Blackrock College had also done very well with the same Galway side, Galwagians.


But it was to Murt Mc Cormack that Tuam looked most sharply for inspiration and Murt was not found wanting. He had been a member of Corinthians and had given that club splendid service but at the turn of the seventies he considered that his playing days were over. However, he was to find a new lease of life with his native Tuam.

Murt was elected the first President of the club, after its reformation and his lifelong good friend, Tom Maher was elected as the clubs first captain. 



As I mentioned earlier, activity in the early years centred around the “ unofficial “ home of the new club, Malynn’s butchers shop on Shop Street. There, the various plans were laid, occasional fixtures were arranged and teams picked. Slowly but surely the club was getting off the ground again.

Initially the club wore plain yellow jerseys, but as Ballinasloe wore the same colours, these were quickly discarded for the now cherished red and blue.

Martin O’Toole, who had arrived in Tuam, having played for the Clontarf club in Dublin had a red / blue jersey, so these colours were closed. Gerry Prendergast was given the job of purchasing the first set, which he did through his aunt who worked in a shop in Grafton Street, Dublin 

A significant factor in the formative years was the involvement of several families and individuals from Tuam Sugar factory, such as Leslie Callow, The Irwins, Burkes and Mc Manus families. In fact much of the training took place in the first months in Airglooney, in the field where Mick & Mary Judges house is now built. This was a sugar factory field and Nick Irvin erected a light in the field to enable training after dark.

Another important involvement was that of the Moylough based group of Con Dermody, John Gilmore, Mairtin Gilmore and Des Cheevers ( all still living in the area ) and you may recall I mentioned earlier of R.Cheevers and R.Gilmore playing for Tuam in 1939 / 40 and 41 era – an earlier Moylough club connection.

In the early 70’s games were played in Parkmore but were then moved to a new pitch, thanks to the generosity of Tuam golf club. This was on the field on the right hand side, as you drive into the golf club, from the Athenry road.

 It is now a practice area for the golfers.

Despite the great developments’ in the club over all the years, Tuam have only been in two Junior Cup Finals – the premier competition for Junior Rugby in Connacht. The first one was in the season 1971 / 72 season, just after the reformation. They did not savour success in that game, won by Ballinasloe, but they had done the club proud and established themselves as a force to be reckoned with in Connacht Junior Rugby

Junior Cup Final Team 1971/’72


Michael Comer,


Bernard Irwin, Cormac Hanly, Tom Payne, Pat Keane,


 Jackie Morris, Martin O’Toole,


John Gilmore, Jarlath Gaffney, T.J.Comer,( Capt. ) 


Murt Mc Cormack, Sean Comer,


 Martin Gilmore, Con Dermody, Tom Maher


The second Junior Cup final Tuam contested was in the season 1977 / 78. Tuam were in the lead against Creggs and six minutes into injury time, Frank Brandon the Creggs scrum half ran in for a try

Junior Cup Final Team 1977/’78


Micheal Comer, 


Kevin Reilly, Michael Mannion, Padraic Collins, Tom Browne, 


Ray Caulfield, John O’Halloran, 


Michael Grogan, Philip Malynn, Tom Burke,                 


Frank Canavan, Peter Burke, 


T.J Comer, Sean Carter ( Capt. ), T.J.( Jnr. ) Larkin.


Reserves: Tom Walsh, Michael Walsh, Mickey Byrne





The very first trophy won by Tuam was in the season 1975 ’75, when the club’s second team ( Called Junior 2 ) won the main competition for Junior 2 Rugby in Connacht – The Ard Na Cregg Cup




The next trophy won by the club was the Junior 2 League in 1978/’79. This is the league competition for Junior 2 teams. 





We also had plenty of fun in the 70’s / 80’s as well





The two key positions in rugby clubs are the club’s elected president who looks after all the off field activity for his year and the club captain who looks after all on field activity.

For the first years , 1970 to 1980, the following made huge contributions 

President Captain

1970 Murt Mc Cormack Tom Maher

1971 Leslie Callow T.J.Comer

1972 Leslie Callow Con Dermody

1973 John Hanley John Gilmore

1974 John Hanley Murt Mc Cormack / T.J. ( Junior ) Larkin

1975 Murt Mc Cormack Michael Grogan

1976 Murt Mc Cormack Sean Carter

1977 Leslie Callow Sean Carter

1978 Kevin Prendergast John O’Halloran

1979 Denis Dennehy Kevin Reilly

1980 Jim Farragher Kevin Reilly


By far, the biggest day in the history of Tuam RFC was the official opening of their grounds on the Dublin Road on May 2nd 1982.

In attendance, on the day was the President of the Rugby governing body in Ireland, The Irish Rugby Football Union, John Moore, the Captain of Ireland Triple Crown winning team that year, Ciaran Fitzgerad ( both Connacht men ), the full winning squad and two former Ireland Captains, Moss Keane and Shay Deering. 



 A memorable day for all involved. Two of our then 1st team played with the Ireland team on the day – T Comer and Daithi Quinn



Tuam Town Commissioners held a special reception in the town hall that day for The Ireland Triple Crown winning Captain. A scroll was presented by The Commissioners to the Club, which proudly hangs in our club house to this day.


 ( Video )   

The next 10 years, 1981 to 1990 the club was in the hands of the following

President Captain

1981 Philip Malynn Daithi Quinn

1982 Sean Carter John Carr

1983 Eddie Holland John Joyce

1984 Sean Carter Martin O’Mahoney / Eamon Mc Greal

1985 Jack Reilly Steve Lane

1986 Noel Donnelly Daithi Quinn

1987 Tom Maher Daithi Quinn

1988 Jarlath Gaffney Michael Forkan

1989 Daithi Quinn John Higgins

1990 Francis Canavan Francis ( Bert ) Gillard / Vincent Brady

Some notable people have played for the club over the years 


4th from the left, in the back row you can see the current Editor of the Irish Times, Kevin O’Sullivan. Other Tuam people in this photo are Jack Reilly, Willie Forkin, Steve Lane, Daithi Quinn, Peter Burke, Ian Doyle, Tom Maher.

Front Row: Padraic Glynn, Padraic Rattigan, Seamus Mannion, ???, Pat Hehir,Gerry Bodkin ( Current chairman Tuam Stars )Kevin Reilly, Mick Gibbons.

The next 10 years , 1991 to 2000 the following looked after the club 

President Captain

1991 John O’Halloran John Higgins

1992 Paul Cosgrove Hubert O’Neill

1993 Mickey Byrne Vincent Brady

1994 Padraic Glynn Peter Finnerty

1995 John Higgins Peter Finnerty

1996 John Carr Dermot Fahy

1997 Francis ( Bert ) Gillard Jimmy Maughan

1998 Padraic Glynn Owen Lydon

1999 Paul Cosgrove Michael O’Connor

2000 Paul Cosgrove Sean Higgins





And 2000 up to this year 

President Captain

2001 Paul Cosgrove James Wynne

2002 Paul Cosgrove Brian Wynne

2003 Padraic Glynn Owen Lydon

2004 Padraic Glynn Norman Tierney

2005 Dermot Fahy Oliver Loughlin

2006 Jimmy Maughan Kieran Durand

2007 Sean Carter Robbie Kavanagh

2008 Sean Carter Stephen Kavanagh

2009 Sean Carter Mike Ward

2010 Sean Carter Mike Ward

President Captain

2011 Kevin Garrett Robbie Lee

2012 John Hegerty Barry Ruane

2013 John Higgins Paul Canavan

2014 Tony Mc Donagh Brian Ruane

2015 Owen Lydon David Cunningham


Again – you will see the Canavan involvement with Paul Canavan being elected club captain in the season 2013 – continuing a long line of Canavan involvement with Pauls brother Rossa also playing for the club and in the 70’s and 80’s we had Francis and Richard, who played in the early 70’s

Many of those who are now involved in coaching, played for us in the late 90’s early 00’s – many of our players do stay involved and give back something to the club.


Those who have been, or are currently involved in Coaching from this photo are Jimmy Wynne, The late Paddy Halion, Jimmy Maughan, Paul Cronin, Robbie Kavanagh, ( former club Captain ), Owen Lydon ( current club President ) and Sean Higgins.

The major developments both on and off the field took place from the mid 1990’s however and much has evolved from this period and are still evolving right up to today.

>>Started a Mini Rugby division ( Boys and Girls - 6 to 12 year olds.





>> Built three changing rooms, showers, Referees room, upstairs Gym and medical room. (with the help of Cap. Sports grant) 



Prior to the club having its own club house, an arrangement had been entered into between Tuam RFC and Tuam Stars whereby the rugby club could use the changing facilities and showers in the Stars premises at the time, the Old Courthouse on the Dubin Road – an arrangement that worked extremely well for about 8 years and there was not one disagreement between the two organisations during these years. The club were very grateful to Tuam Stars at the time for this arrangement.


>> Opened second pitch. 



>> Erected Floodlighting , again with Cap. Sports grant funding.



>> Built walls around pitch – Community employment scheme.





>> Started youths rugby ( Boys 13 to 19 ) 



>> Built shelter for spectators. – community employment scheme.





>> Started a ladies division








>> Built Sand arena – for all weather training. 





>> Started girls Rugby ( Girls 13 to 18 years ) 



Other activity:

Summer tag tournaments 





Tag Rugby for people with Special Needs 




Developed Rugby in St.Jarlaths ( who won their first ever trophy last Year. )





In Recent years, we have had many successes at Junior 2 level, but still the elusive Connacht Junior Cup eludes us 






Representative Honours – many of our players over the years have played for the province, with the biggest representation about four years ago. 



L to R:

Robbie Lee, Eoin Cosgrove, Jamie Murphy, Mike Ward, Conor Hurst and Stephen Burke.

As Recently as last month, 2 of our Senior ladies team were selected to Play for Connacht and four of our girls under 18’s were selected for the Co0nnacht under 18 team.  


Amanda Kelly and Marion Sheridan.


Sarah Jane Fox, Grainne Hamill, Elizabeth Mc Nicholas and Aine Gavin.

Three of our former or current club members have held the position of President of the Connacht branch IRFU – Eamon Feely, John Carr and Billy Glynn – who was also President of the IRFU S 




The GAA Connection.

Over the years many County Footballers and Hurlers have played for the club.

County Players who have played with The Club:

Noel Tierney,     

Johnny Geraghty Damien Burke

Frank Canavan Ciaran Comer

Morgan Hughes Diarmuid Blake

John P. Keane, Michael Comer

T.J.Gilmore Cormac Hanly

Pat O’Neill, Jamie Murphy

Pete Finnerty

Tom Naughton,   

Mick Judge, Edel Concannon   

Ja. Fallon    

John Donnellan

Willie Forkan



John Donnellan and Ja Fallon.

FINALLY – While our main objective, as a club, is the promote and encourage the playing of rugby for all ages, boys, girls, men women and the disadvantaged, having recently started tag rugby for those with special needs, we always too, make a special effort to support local community and charity initiatives:


We act as stewards for the darkness into light walk

We also steward at the St.Patricks day parade, as we have done for Tuam Cancer care runs and Tuam Lions club cycles.

We also manned and ran many events at Tuam Lions club’s “ Lark in the Park “ when it was going.

We have given our grounds to Alility West, to hold sports days, The Community Games where they held regional finals and many GAA clubs who needed some temporary facility.

We run regular charity events such as the Christmas morning run / jog / walk for Goal. 



A “ Care for Share “ similar Christmas run. 


The “ Bert Run “ in conjunction with Tuam Cancer care. 

 b j 


I hope this has given you all a small insight in rugby in the early years in Tuam and how, with the hard work of many, many people the sport has developed so well in the town.

 Thank You, to the following for their help, with some club information for this presentation.

Francis Canavan,

Jim Carney

Paddy Kilgarriff

Tom Maher

Andrea Ridge.   


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